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Agriculture & Life Sciences Masters- Webinar

Armed with solid technical and managerial skills, JUNIA ISA graduates are prepared for the reality of the professional world even before they get their diploma, which is why 90% of JUNIA ISA alumni are employed within 6 months of graduating.

Our more than 26,000 alumni work around the world, for some of the biggest names in agrofood, environmental management and agriculture, or join and create their own start ups, thanks to the entrepreneurship cultivated at JUNIA ISA.


January 19th, 2023



What about?

Introduction of the 4 Agriculture and Life Sciences Master Programs

About the Programs

JUNIA ISA offers 4 Master Programs:

– Master of Science and Engineering in Food Science

– Master of Science and Engineering in Agriculture Science

– Master of Science and Engineering in Agriculture, Economics, Marketing and Management

– Master of Science in Food Science Environmental Science

Register for the webinar to get the opportunity to meet an academic advisor introducting the Masters Programs and an international students talking about his experience.


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