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The JUNIA Career Center invites all its corporate partners to share their expertise with our students in order to increase your business’ visibility through a variety of resources and events.

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Business Forum

Each autumn, around 150 businesses join our annual forum, JUNIA’s signature event bringing together our students and corporate partners to find the best internship or employment match. Businesses can advertise their offers prior to the event to allow students to prepare for the positions they want.

Business Forum - Block Release (Alternance)

This virtual event brings together businesses and newly accepted students preparing to join JUNIA’s block release programs. These programs allow students to complete their engineering degree by alternating between working and learning over 3 years.


Individual or group meetings for students looking to: -Define their career goals
-Get guidance while searching for a job, internship or block release contract

Job Dating - Speed Recruiting

Real interviews conducted in the style of speed dating: students and recruiters spend just a few minutes together, maximizing their time to meet as many opportunities as possible.

Mock Interview Workshops

As a learning experience, these workshops allow students to practice interviewing with real businesses in a low-pressure atmosphere.

Develop Your Employer Brand

Working closely with the JUNIA Alumni network, the Career Center helps businesses increase their visibility among our students with several opportunities.

Innovate with Our Students

As part of our project-based learning model, several hands-on modules are integrated into all of JUNIA’s academic programs. Entrust your projects to our students and expert faculty.

Our Areas of Study : 

Digital Technology | Business | Building and Industrial Planning | Nutrition and Health | Ecological Transition

5 Reasons to Work with Our Students

  • Pluridisciplinary teams of student engineers in their final year
  • Professional exchange thanks to their role as junior consultants
  • Adaptability according to your needs
  • Supported and supervised by JUNIA professors
  • Access to resources specific to the project: FabLab, pilot food plant, sensory lab, makerspace, demonstrators, and more.
students in class with computer

Two kinds of projects for two objectives

YES projects
Length: 8 weeks
Objective: Explore an issue or concept, or find a solution to a technical problem.

Group Project
Length: 5 to 6 months
Objective: Under the supervision of a senior consultant on JUNIA’s faculty, a group of fifth year students apply their skills in a long-term project.

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