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Accessibility and diversity

JUNIA is committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach and facilitates access to students with disabilities on its premises. A "disability" advisor has been appointed at JUNIA in order to renew the measures and recommendations put in place for these students.

Building accessibility

Accessibility for people with disabilities

JUNIA facilitates access to its premises for students, employees and the general public with disabilities.

The buildings are equipped with elevators and access ramps, and dedicated parking spaces can be reserved at the reception desk.

PICTO ACCESS A first step with the HEI building

Our teams carried out an accessibility diagnosis of the HEI building in Lille. The HEI building was divided into 13 zones, for which the accessibility levels were identified. The goal: to allow everyone – and in particular people with disabilities or any type of fragility (reduced mobility, difficulty understanding, hearing, etc.) – to anticipate their movements, by providing a first level of information on the accessibility of the building. This information is classified in the form of pictograms identifiable with a color code.

This approach could be extended to other Junia buildings.

The pictograms below indicate the accessibility level of the HEI building.

Want to know the accessibility of the HEI building? Click on the “learn more” button below

Welcoming students with disabilities
Des étudiants marchant dans les jardins d'HEI

Facilities to support students with disabilities

The three buildings HEI, ISEN, ISA are equipped with an elevator in order to facilitate access to the buildings for people with reduced mobility. Several devices can be put in place depending on the student’s disability, provided that a file has been completed with the “Mission accueil handicap.”


What are the steps to take?

When registering, the student can inform the admissions department of their situation. Once admitted, the student will be guided by his or her training supervisor so that the request for accommodation can be made. This must be done via the website so that an appointment can be arranged with the MDPH (Maison départementale des personnes en situation de handicap) referent to present the medical file. Once this process is completed, the disability advisor will be able to inform the student of the various possible accommodations, and the student will be able to request automatic renewal for subsequent years.

Several trainings and awareness-raising sessions are conducted for Junia staff and students on anti-harassment, disability, and anti-discrimination. The goal is to make Junia a better place to live.
Collaborateurs Junia en atelier de sensibilisation au handicap moteur

Possible recommendations

During the realization of your file, you will find different possible recommendations:

  • Accessibility of the premises
  • Specific installation of a classroom and equipment
  • Special installation of equipment
  • Assistance of a third person
  • Transmission of documents (digital format, Braille)
  • Writing in a legible font
  • Additional third party time for the tests
  • Staggering of the test over the make-up sessions

Authorization to leave an examination room is possible

Spelling mistakes are not penalized


Mission Accueil Handicap – disability mission

During their studies, students will be accompanied and will be able to indicate their difficulties to their training supervisor. The “Mission Accueil Handicap” located at the University of Lille provides students with disabilities with several resources to help them find an internship, prepare for an interview or adapt their workstation.

Logo mission Accueil Handicap
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