Faculty and Staff Mobility

The internationalization of our teaching faculty and staff is an essential part of JUNIA’S international strategy. In order to diversify our professors’ expertise and our students’ learning outcomes, we participate in staff and teaching mobility.

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Staff mobility

Incoming and outgoing

JUNIA offers various opportunities for incoming and outgoing teaching mobility. Faculty exchange is an important part of our international strategy. We encourage our faculty to visit our partner universities through existing cooperation projects (such as Erasmus+) and to diversify their own network through conference participation.


What are the criteria ?

Visiting professors must be current faculty at one of our partner universities. Please check with your university’s international office to be sure that our exchange agreement includes faculty exchange.

JUNIA does not offer remuneration for the exchange period, but does pay for visiting professors’ lodging and meals during their stay. Your home university is expected to cover your travel costs. All mobility periods are eligible for Erasmus+ funding or other staff and teaching mobility grants, to be awarded by your home university.

Along the same lines, JUNIA covers the travel costs of JUNIA faculty who participate in staff or teaching mobility in a partner university, and expects the partner university to cover our staff’s meals and lodging during the exchange period.

Incoming teaching mobility

Come at JUNIA !

Each year our faculty members invite visiting professors to lecture in the framework of their planned courses. We are also open to other suggestions of topics, so do not hesitate to propose a teaching unit within the relevant area of study.

How to apply ?

If you are interested in one of the listed teaching opportunities, please send your CV with a brief description and outline of your proposed course to the JUNIA International Relations Office at international.cooperation@junia.com
Our office will then put you in contact with the appropriate professor.

Outgoing teacher mobility

Go abroad !

In addition to inviting visiting professors to JUNIA, we also send our faculty to give guest lectures at our partner universities. The list below is an example of our current teaching mobility offer, however, partners may also request similar subjects. If you are interested in inviting a professor from JUNIA, please contact us at international.cooperation@junia.com

Visiting professors Join JUNIA as a visiting professor in :
Health and environment
Smart systems and energies
Business & Management
Agriculture & Landscape
Electronics, physics and acoustics
Building and urban environment
Computer science and mathematics
Food sciences
Visiting professors share their experience at JUNIA

Professor : Mariana GARAY BARRAGAN

Professor : David Cole Hamilton

These mobilities can take place in the framework of our bilateral agreements, France Agro 3 cooperative partnerships, Erasmus+ agreements and projects, and other types of international university partnership agreements.

Staff mobility

In addition to teaching opportunities, we also welcome the faculty of our partner universities to engage in training programs at JUNIA. In the framework of our Erasmus + projects (liens vers Erasmus+), we have welcomed staff from partner universities on the following topics:

  • New Pedagogy: project-based learning and blended activities
  • Sustainable Development workshops
  • Intercultural Communication seminars

Our staff also participate in trainings and staff weeks abroad. If you are a partner university planning a training event, please share the invitation with us at international.cooperation@junia.com.

Faculty testimonials

JUNIA professors take the floor in video to share their experience of Erasmus+ mobility within our partner universities. They went to teach or to carry out research activities in the different parts of the world, they tell you about it!

ISA's team

HEI's team

Testimony: Slow Travel

Hélène Leruste is a teacher-researcher in agriculture at JUNIA, specializing in animal sciences.
From February 12 to 17, 2023, she went to the Unversita degli Studi di Sassari in Sardinia in the department of veterinary sciences, as part of an Erasmus+ mobility, after 3 years of collaboration with this partner university.

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