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Strengthening health & wellbeing technology


The objectives of our society and healthcare system is to better prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses, to age better and better integrate the needs of each person.


Health and well-being technologies

Specialised technology like lab-on-a-chip or artificial intelligence help healthcare providers and patients through faster, more precise diagnostics and with treatments that are more efficient, less aggressive, and less invasive, allowing implementation as closely as possible to patients.

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The Role of Research

JUNIA researchers work specifically on miniaturised tools for cancer diagnostics, on targeted implementation of medications within the human body or on molecules affecting cell aging. On another scale, exoskeletons and smartchairs are the target of research in increasing autonomy for people who are disabled.

Smart Home

A platform for experimental R&D and demonstration of ubiquity and computing and information technology, the Smart Home is dedicated to innovation and creation.

Researchers, students, PhD candidates but also entrepreneurs work on innovative projects related to all aspects of home life. Solutions are based on improving comfort and care. Technology is developed to be alerted in case of a problem with a loved one, or to help someone who is isolated to easily stay in touch with family, friends, or doctors.

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Student Projects
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Improving Health Technology

JUNIA graduate school of science and engineering trains future engineers to respond to current and future ecological challenges. This goal is met through education, but also through hands-on learning projects. Students take part in diverse group work opportunities on varied themes throughout their studies.

These projects are an opportunity for students to pursue their passions. Research on improving processes, products, methods, or even proposing solutions to a specific problem, students work to rise to the current and future challenges of our society.

Related Academic Programs
Learn to reinforce health and well-being technology

JUNIA Graduate School of Science and Engineering integrates this transition into the heart of our academic programs and offers several programs related to health and well-being technology.

Master of Science and Engineering – Digital Health

This program trains engineers and project leaders specialized in health application/web development, health data management, biological and medical data analysis and beyond.

Admission Level : Bachelor Level Length of study : 2 years
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