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Food Science

JUNIA ISA offers a Master of Science and Engineering degree in Food Science, taught in English or in French, is specializing in the Sustainable Management of Food Production, or Quality Management Systems in the Agrofood industry. This internationally-accredited program delivers a Master of Science and Engineering, allowing graduates to enter the workforce or pursue doctoral studies in institutions around the world.

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Hands-on experience

The Food Science program prepares students to be operational professionals even before graduating, thanks to the combined theoretical and practical approach. The teaching methods provide students from various backgrounds and cultures with the operational and managerial skills required in the corporate world. Students learn through Project Based Learning approach, with group work and case studies, field visits where students can see first-hand the jobs they might choose for their future, and industrial projects with partner companies. Project management and intercultural activities allow students to develop their abilities to work in a team and to reinforce transversal skills. Internships allow students to apply the technical skills they learn in class to real-world work experience.

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Examples of Our Students’ Internships


Students in the JUNIA ISA Food Science program benefit from direct experience with partner companies early in the curriculum. Guest lectures, site visits and internship periods mean JUNIA ISA alumni are ready to work well before they graduate. This Food Science program leads to job opportunities in production, supply chain, R&D, sales and marketing, management, quality and safety, product development, and more.

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