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and networks

Discover all of JUNIA's labels and partnerships.

JUNIA is a member of the following associations and networks: Université Catholique de Lille, the FESIC (the Association of Higher Education Institutions of Collective Interest), France Agro3 (previously FESIA – the Association of Agricultural Engineering Schools), the CDEFI (Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d’ingénieurs), the CGE (Conférence des grandes écoles) and the CRGE (Conférence régionale des grandes écoles).

JUNIA's certifications

Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs

CTI is a nonprofit organization officially recognized as the independent body in charge of performing programme accreditation of engineering degrees, of developing quality in engineering education, and of promoting engineering curricula and careers in France and abroad. CTI was established by the French law in 1934.

As part of its functions, CTI helps French higher education institutions to face students and companies’ new needs, in taking into account the internationalization of higher education.

The 3 programs JUNIA, HEI, ISEN, ISA, are accredited by the CTI.

EESPIG - Reconnaissance d'intérêt général

Junia has been awarded the EESPIG label. This is the qualification of a private higher education institution of general interest (EESPIG). Private non-profit higher education institutions, which contribute to public service missions, can, at their request, be recognized by the State as a private higher education institution of general interest, by order of the minister in charge of higher education, following the opinion of the advisory committee for private higher education. This is the case of Junia.

JUNIA's parnters

Catholic University of Lille

The Catholic University of Lille is a historical campus since 1875. It is composed of 6 faculties, 20 grandes écoles and institutes and more than 35 000 students. It is a real campus to live with fully equipped university residences, a university restaurant (open for lunch and dinner), a sports complex, a health center and a digital library.


FESIC, the Federation of Higher Education Institutions of Collective Interest, is the leading network of associative higher education institutions in France. It is a network of diverse engineering and management establishments, which are bound to develop by benefiting from the experience and dynamism of each. Experiences are pooled within working groups and think tanks that allow the different functions of an institution to exchange best practices and prospecting work that take concrete form in joint actions and projects.

France Agro³

France Agro³ is a network of 3 major engineering schools in life sciences: the Grand école ISA program, ISARA Lyon & Avignon, and PURPAN Toulouse.
In the 5th year, the students of the ISA program have the possibility of doing an Advanced Domain in one of the 3 other schools of the network. France Agro 3 also offers a great opening to the international scene via a dual degree program or a master’s degree.

Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE)

Created in 1973, the CGE, Conférences des Grandes Ecoles, has 285 members, including 227 Grandes Ecoles (engineering, management, architecture, design, institute of political studies, etc.), all of which are recognized by the State and award a master’s degree.

Conférence des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d'Ingénieurs

The CDEFI, Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools, the CDEFI represents all the directors of public and private establishments or components of establishments, accredited by the Commission des titres d’ingénieur (CTI) to deliver the title of graduate engineer. The CDEFI’s mission is to represent engineering schools and universities of technology in dealings with the State, the European Union and international organizations.

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