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Discover what International students have said about their experience at JUNIA!

Our international students testify
Our international students share their experience at JUNIA in France! 

As part of Erasmus Days 2021, our international students share their mobility experience at JUNIA in France in video

"I understood that this is a very strong European school of engineers, whose graduates have good jobs in their specialty. Also, I heard good reviews from other students about the subjects, highly trained teachers, various excursions to enterprises and unique opportunities."

Polina (Ukraine)

"I was expecting to get some new knowledge and learn some new approaches. It was definitely like that."

Doris Popić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

"One of my fears was mainly coming to a country without speaking their language, plus having no family or friend here was quite overwhelming. But Junia had the most warming and welcoming atmosphere that dwarfed these fears."

Godfred Boaheng Akwasi (Ghana)


"My Erasmus + experience has given me a lot of knowledge on the management of pollution as we have received many specialists in this area of study. It has also opened me up to accept different cultural practices and different perspectives of people as we were integrated with people from many different nationalities."

Abraham Pappoe (Knust, Ghana)


"Gaining the Erasmus + mobility scholarship made my dream of studying abroad come true. Before coming to France, I expected to gain more knowledge in Food Science and Technology which would fully prepare me to be an engineer of the world. And I got what I expected including learning new cultures form other international students, travel experiences and the opportunity to study French and fully immerse myself in their rich culture. In all, this has been an awesome experience and I hope others get the chance to have a feel of it too."

Marian Anthonia Arhin (Knust, Ghana)


"My Erasmus+ experience has facilitated my intercultural educational experience by exposing me to people and concepts from different cultures and countries."

Ashley (Juniata, USA)

As part of Erasmus Days 2021, our international students share their mobility experience at JUNIA in France in video

"This is a good opportunity to get out of the comfort zone. Try yourself in a new society to gain new knowledge with an unusual approach."

Yeva (Ukraine)

"My favourite part was lot of practical work that we had and in that way we managed to have practice and learn lot of things."

Anesa Zahiragic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

"I expected to gain a lot of unique experience, and I had even more unique experience than I expected and learn a lot of new things in my field."

Mariia Soltys (Ukraine)


"Come to JUNIA bestie" we don't just do classroom teaching but also field and practical learning for better understanding."

Jesse James Owusu (From Kwane Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology, Ghana)


"The experiences which I have gained in France will impact my career in the way to add value of Thai products, catch up the global trend and cooperate with the foreigners who come from different countries and different cultures, including creating a connection."

Boonsita (Kasetsart University, Thailand)


"Before coming to ISA Lille I expected to gain knowledge in the management of pollution which I could implement in my country, meet new friends and get a possibility to travel around Europe. So, I got everything I expected and even more! I met many specialists in my field of interest, in this way I expanded my professional network. This experience helps to become a good specialist in the management of pollution and the international experience that I acquired in this program will be highly valuable in my country."

Anna (Nules, Ukraine)

As part of Erasmus Days 2021, our international students share their mobility experience at JUNIA in France in video

"My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the school program, but it turned out to be right up my alley."

Ruth Tchemou (Cameroon)

"Give it a try because its a good experience to have. The people and the city are nice so why not give it a try. There's everything you need so no need to worry."

Antoine De Cock (Thaïland)

"The useful skill i received from JUNIA is teamwork because there is always group work."

Tcheleyou (Cameroon)


"I have a specific interest to be a researcher and exploring access to food safety and risk assessment. The Erasmus exchange gave me the opportunity to go outside my country and out of my comfort zone."

Theresa (Knust, Ghana)


"At the end of the year, I have realized that the learning structure here has made me a better person than before, I am more competent in my field of study. I have come to accept the language barrier as a challenge, and I am now exposed to the French world. Junia ISEN has really challenged me, made me tough, taught me a language, encouraged me, and exposed me of my ignorance. I will be willing to take on challenges that life throws at me."

Joshua Ofori (Knust, Ghana)


: "I learned a lot of things in my field of studies. But I think the most important part is about communication with people from different countries. I have learned a lot of things about different cultures, national cuisines and traditions."

Irena Antoniuk (Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine )