Educational Innovation

Junia has an ambitious plan for 2018–2024, which includes a number of strategic areas, at the heart of which are educational innovation and digitalisation. Our mission is to offer engineering students from France and abroad an unbeatable learning experience.


What are the missions ?

The mission of our Instructional Design Innovation Department is to provide support, as well as promote excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and training at Junia. In order to fulfil this mission, we :

  • Design and develop new teaching practices.
  • Develop and provide support for new learning environments.
  • Provide support and training to our teaching staff.
  • Monitor excellence in teaching and technology-based teaching practices, and disseminate the results.
  •  Experiment with and implement current and emerging technology for teaching.
  • Carry out research into learning in order to ensure we are offering high-quality courses and making good use of technology to deliver them.
  • Use learning analytics in order to optimise and tailor learning and the environments in which it occurs.
  • Work with our partner universities in France and around the world.
  • Offer professional creation and production services for teaching material and educational events at Junia.


The work of the Instructional Design Innovation Department focuses on creating solutions to the great challenges posed by : changes in the world of teaching (and supporting staff in this process), the digitalisation of teaching, the role of artificial intelligence in learning, distance learning (inherent in our model involving various campuses) and our international development.


Creating a dynamic learning experience for students and teaching staff Leading the way in the use of innovative technology for teaching and learning Instilling excellence in teaching at Junia.


What are our values ?

  • Excellence, efficiency and simplicity
  • Internal and external partnerships
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Listening to and taking on board the needs of stakeholders
  • Serving the community
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