International experiences

Going Abroad

Many opportunities are available to our students to travel during their studies: university exchanges, internships, etc.

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Study abroad

Academic stays

With over 340 academic partners worldwide, JUNIA offers students with a BAC+3/+4 level the opportunity to study in a university abroad for 6 months to 2 years depending on the program chosen. Thanks to the International Relations Department, students are supported before, during and after their stay.

Work abroad

Doing an internship in another country

A great experience to add to your CV!

Students in the engineering cycle can go abroad during their professionalization internships.

Students in our Bachelors program have the opportunity to spend 8 weeks abroad during their second year of study.

Finally, students in our Masters programs also have the opportunity to do their internship abroad, depending on the assignments offered.

An international experience as a preparatory cycle closure

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