News International Students

2 weeks of Welcome Session

The International Relations service was busy welcoming more than 200 students coming from all over the world since August, 28. These students are studying at our school for an academic exchange or to obtain a diploma.

Welcome presentation and check-in

On August 28, we started welcoming the international students who joined JUNIA for a semester, a year or a whole curriculum.

These students are coming from our partner universities all over the world (Cameroon, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, China, etc.) and also from international fairs we went to this past year.

This first day helped them become familiar with the school, start bonding with other students and meet the international team.

A city tour of Lille

During these two weeks, we planned visits of Lille, made by the tourism office. It allowed discovering the streets, the monuments, the stores, to those who wanted to know more about the city.

Lille have not always been French? Where can we get the most delicious pastries? Why does the Grand’Place Statue (Colonne de la Déesse) hold a rugby ball into her arms?

Students apparently loved the visit. Some of them even already knew historical stuff about the city!

Welcome Cocktail

On Tuesday 7th September, a Welcome Cocktail marked the end of the Welcome Session. After a final speech by the international team, the students were invited to enjoy some sweet and salty bouchées. The JUNIA Globe student association took all of the newies to a festive event when the cocktail was over.