News 2020 – 2022 retrospective

3 years of research at JUNIA

Our research teams have been working everyday to meet the challenges of the 4 transitions: feeding the planet, develop a digital and industrial transfromation, accelerate the energy and urban transition, strengthen health and well-being technologies. Discover the retrospective.

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JUNIA Research Highlights

We are proud to present the very first edition of JUNIA Research Highlights.

Since 2020, “JUNIA Grande Ecole d’Ingénieurs” is the result of the 3 engineering schools (HEI, ISA, ISEN) and the Catholic University of Lille fusion.

Research has always been a strength for each of the 3 schools, however JUNIA opens new perspectives at the crossroads of the disciplines and encourages reseach meeting the big challenges that our society will face in the next decades.

The activities have been grouped in eleven different themes. Each thematic having several sub-themes reflecting the expertise and JUNIA’s strategic positioning.

Sustainable development objectives

In an ongoing effort, research activities are also being called into question in terms of their effective contribution to the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives.

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The strength of a team of the collaboration

About 100 full-time professors-researchers, 20 engineers and technicians and around 100 PhD students and doctors are contributing to JUNIA’s research activities. Numerous activities are hosted by big collaborative Research Units gathering the strenghts of several higher education and research institution.

JUNIA’s researchers are also coordinating a certain numbers of regional, national and european research projects, one of the key factors of research results’ large-scale impact.


This report covers 3 years from 2020 to 2022 and highlights the main results obtained during this period of time. The introduction, in English, is intentionally short and practical, and if the readers are interested in tandis qu’une liste de références librement disponibles permet aux lecteurs intéressés d’approfondir l’un des sujets.

Reasearch Projects