Testimony International Students

Godfred is an international student coming from Ghana and he will tell you about his experience at JUNIA.

What was your biggest fear before coming to study at JUNIA ? Did it come true? If not, what happened instead?
One of my fears was mainly coming to a country without speaking their language, plus having no family or friend here was quite overwhelming. But JUNIA had the most warming and welcoming atmosphere that dwarfed these fears.

What were your expectations before coming to JUNIA ? How was your experience compared to those expectations?
I expected to meet new challenges and my experience was beyond that in a positive way.
What specifically was your favorite part of JUNIA and why?

The practicality of our studies.

What useful skills did you learn during your experience at JUNIA ?

I learn to make new friends, challenge oneself in an uncomfortable situation, research skills, communication skills, networking skills, and technical skills as well.

If you were to recommend studying at JUNIA to your best friend, what would you say?
Is it going to be one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.

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