On November 30th, has been hold the last general meeting of the #EBALANCEPLUS project, after 4 years of collaboration, which will end in January 2024.


The approach

The aim of the project is to increase the use of flexibility and resilience of energy networks, by means of an energy balancing platform, which will integrate smart production, storage and consumption technologies.
Our approach is to unlock and increase the energy flexibility from buildings and districts and make it available for DSO management.
The project will test a variety of solutions at four real demonstration sites located in SpainItalyFrance and Denmark. Additional laboratory testing in Germany will address safety issues.

About the meeting

At the invitation of SAUDEMONT Christophe, coordinator of the French demonstration site, the meeting was held at the demonstrator itself, in the smart buildings of the Université Catholique de Lille and Junia_ingénieurs, to present the results of the research and prepare for the European Commission‘s review. Learn more about JUNIA’s participation in the ebalanceplus project, watch the explanatory video below.

Energy Management for Buildings – Lille Is Paving the Way for a Sustainable Energy System in Europe
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