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JUNIA at IUC Douala

2 of our colleagues went to Douala to meet our partner university, IUC Douala last week.

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A whole week in Douala
Céline CASAGRANDE and Joop LENSINK met the President/Founder of IUC, Paul GUIMEZAP, the International academic programs director, Nadine TSAGUE and the teaching team of the AAE branch (Agri-food, Agriculture and Environment) during their stay in Cameroon.

What was the trip about?

JUNIA was there to help the IUC team in the creation of workshops about the processing and enhancement of local products on the new campus. The latest wille be dedicated to earth professions and will be opening next academic year in Dschang.

Our colleagues worked with the IUC team on the off-site academic program so the students can get the mendatory prerequisites to enter JUNIA’s 4th year in Lille.

JUNIA’s challenge is to take part of the training of engineerings and managers who will contribute to Cameroon’s economical and technological influence.

Some pictures of the week
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