Camplus Lille

A campus that is being transformed for an ambitious academic and pedagogical project.

Because learning today is not the same as it was in the past, because disciplines now enrich each other, because places of training, research and experience must be open to society…

JUNIA is undergoing a profound transformation. Its pedagogy, its organization, and its human resources are evolving.

A major tool of this strategy, the reinvention of the Vauban campus will be completed by 2026. This large-scale program is designed to restore visibility, continuity, and coherence to a campus that is currently dispersed among twelve buildings. Imaginative, shared and responsible, the project is based on a heterogeneous but rich real estate heritage. At the end of the planned renovation, restoration and construction operations, the campus will form a solid and clearly identifiable whole around four blocks: Norbert Ségard, Albert Le Grand, Ilot Colson and the Palais Rameau.

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A campus integrated into the city, participating in the metamorphosis of the neighborhood

The project responds to the desire to develop a unique campus open to the city to bring together JUNIA’s professions, to promote transdisciplinary research and our link to the business world, and to provide users with working and living conditions conducive to their success and fulfillment while controlling our environmental impact.

The real estate project must allow us to offer new spaces to respond to new uses, and thus offer more space for business, more interaction between functions, more hybrid spaces, be better adapted to hybrid teaching and offer more modularity.

In order for the future Lille campus to embody this metamorphosis by offering a truly open and connected place to live, JUNIA has undertaken three major real estate projects, with the buildings opening between 2023 and 2026.

May 2023

Maison Albert Le Grand

September 2023

Îlot Colson (1st phase)

November 2023

Îlot Colson (2nd phase)

March 2024

Le Palais Rameau

Spring 2026

Îlot Colson (3rd, and last phase)

Discover the 3 real estate projects in Lille