Job decription

Job decription

Fiche métier - Renewable Energy Engineer

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The Renewable Energy Engineer models the technical and economic installation of green energy for companies

The renewable energy engineer develops new processes and improves the existing processes for energy production coming from renewable sources. He works on economic and technical aspects of energy installations (wind farms, solar farms), manipulates modeling softwares and makes sure that the installation processes are respecting the environmental laws and allow companies to remain competitive at the same time.

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An engineering profession that mobilizes many cross-disciplinary skills

  • Technician: has a great technical master
  • Planner: know how to anticipate et minimise the environmental impacts of the processes
  • Negociator: knows how to negoiate and defend the viability and necessity of its solutions
  • Engish-speaking: the English language master is necessary, in particular to keep abreast of international scientific advances
  • Innovtor: knows how to be inventive in finding new solutions while respecting environmental and industrial constraints.

Modelize, accompany & implement: the tree missions of the renewable energy engineers

Their main mission is to accompany the energetic transition. In order to do so, they work on the installations implementation, modernization and optimization d’installations using renewable energy.
They can also work for reasearch where they work on improving the existing processes performances and look for new solutions and evergy sources.

The salary

In France, the renewable energy engineer salary varies between 36 000 euros and 66 000 euros per year.


« The renewable energy engineer is one of the main actors of the energetic transition. »

Becoming an engineer in the environmental sector at JUNIA:

JUNIA trains engineers on environnement. Several trainings are available depending on your profiles and ambitions. Opt for a scientific prep to pursue your studies after high school. Choose one of our Master program if you want to pursue your studies after a Bachelor degree for example.

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