The engineering

The engineering profession

What jobs, careers and sectors are there after the training courses offered at JUNIA? Here is a brief overview of the opportunities available... JUNIA trains professionals with in-depth technical knowledge in many sectors of activity. They work in a variety of fields, ranging from general to specialized.

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What is an engineer?

JUNIA, a school of engineers

What is an Engineer? ”: a relevant question for a word that can seem a little unclear sometimes. Let’s enlight you. Engineers know how to solve problems in a global way, but they also know how to innovate, invent, upgrade, advise, design and lead project with a team by their side. The features of an engineer:

  • Owns scientific and technical skills and the willig to develop them
  • Know themselves, takes his responsabilities, makes their decisions
  • Enter in relation with others, express themselves, communicate, animate anime et delegate
  • Are open-minded regarding the world, the society, the business world, the international realities
  • Accept to question the cultural, ethical and spiritual dimensions
  • Are adaptable, capable of anticipation and initiative in a project for the company

Various profiles

Which companies are recruiting engineers? What are the different types of engineers?

Whatever the chosen training, we find our graduated students in huge groups of campanies, SME, design offices, research labs and public bodies. Some of them are creating their own business.

Advice, management, business, teaching, marketing, production, research and development, etc. The future young professionals trained by JUNIA have lots of opportunities after graduating.

Sectors of activity

  • Construction
  • Automotive, aeronautical, naval and railway industries
  • Biotechnology, cosmetology, health
  • Digital industry
  • Information and communication technologies
  • IT activities
  • Food industry
  • Mass distribution
  • Professional agricultural and landscape organizations
  • Energies
  • Textiles
  • Army, security
  • CSR, human ressources management, sustainable development
  • Teaching, research
  • Banking, insurance, auditing and consulting
  • Consulting firms, design offices
  • Other industries, real estate activities

Jobs: focus on engineering professions

A small overview of the many jobs available with JUNIA's engineering training programs! Feel free to consult our fact sheets to get an idea of the opportunities, missions and salaries of our engineers

Consulting engineer

The consulting engineer intervenes with companies facing a problem and tries to answer it by bringing them its expertise.

Renewable Energy Engineer

The renewable energy engineer develops new processes and improves the existing processes for energy production coming from renewable sources.

Project Engineer

The project engineers are responsible of the production process as a whole, from design to delivery.

Computer engineer

The computer engineers are generalist and specialist computer scientists, depening on the company or entity for which they work.