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Junia, graduate school of science and engineering

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JUNIA is a French graduate school of science and engineering focused on ecological, digital and technological transitions, where students and faculty confront the grand challenges of today and tomorrow.


Innovation for the multi-faceted challenges of our future

Junia is Frenchschool of science and engineering focused on ecological, digital and technological transitions, where students and faculty confront the grand challenges of today and tomorrow to:

  • Nourish and take care of the planet
  • Accelerate energy and urban transitions
  • Develop digital and industrial transition
  • Reinforce healthcare and well-being technologies

JUNIA works towards these goals by engaging our students fully in their education with extensive hands-on experience, professional immersion for substantial networking opportunities, and active learning pedagogy to refine critical thinking.

Our Academics Programs

JUNIA offers undergraduate and Masters programs in Science and Engineering, taught in English or French.
JUNIA’s main fields of study are:

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Health and Environment
  • Food Science
  • Industrial and Technological Science
  • Applied Science
  • Building and Urban Environments
  • Digital Technology and Management

“Learning at Junia gave me useful skills to work in a team on group projects, to write proper reports about experiments, to do research and solve case studies. If I would recommend studying at JUNIA to someone, I would say to be prepared for the hard and exciting studies that make sense and clear application. Also I’d tell not to worry too much because people are very open and helpful”

Roskoliana - International student at Junia, from Ukraine

Last news

JUNIA’s Career Center helps our students on their way to employment and throughout their career by helping them develop their professional goals, supporting their search for the right internship, and offering frequent interaction with business partners.

Our Career Center
International students testimonies

"Studying in a new country is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone! It is a very rich experience. At Junia, I joined a quality training, in a cross-cultural class. I have always felt very supported. The Junia teams have always been there to support me."

Sarah, international student from Marroco

"I learn by working in a group with people from different countries. The lab classes and hands-on experience are very rewarding. We not only learn in the classroom, but we also learn in the field and in practice to better understand."

Jesse James, international Student, from Ghana

"My studies at JUNIA allowed me to improve my analytical and report writing skills. I also had the opportunity to learn about modeling, data analysis, and statistics using different software. And of course, I also learned a lot about project management."

Valeriia, international student from Ukraine
Junia: key numbers
340 Partner universities on 5 continents
65 different nationalities (professors and students)
5000 students in 3 campuses
Certifications and network

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