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Erasmus + is At the heart of ISEN’s international policy, the European Commission’s program for international academic exchange. We are proud to be an Erasmus + charter holder, dedicated to upholding the humanist values promoted through these instrumental opportunities. Erasmus + programs are a fundamental part of our international strategy.

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Erasmus+ charter holder

We are actively involved through student mobility (study and internships), professor-researcher mobility (training and teaching), participation in strategic partnerships, international credit mobility, and reception of guest professors and business professionals.

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Student mobility

All ISEN students are required to have at least one semester of experience abroad during their studies. This requirement can be met through academic exchange at a partner university, an internship, or a double degree. In addition, We welcome students from partner universities for a semester or year of academic exchange. Having these special guests in courses and on project is a valuable asset to our school. To help international students ease into student life, our international programs include:

  • Programs taught entirely in English
  • Intensive courses in intercultural communication and French
  • Orientation and individual mentoring for international students
  • Attentive logistical and administrative assistance before and throughout their stay
Students testimonies
International Student Guide

We have gathered information in this Welcome Guide which will hep you prepare your arrival and facilitate your first steps with JUNIA.


"I learned a lot of things in my field of studies. But I think the most important part is about communication with people from different countries. I have learned a lot of things about different cultures, national cuisines and traditions."

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine

Helpful teachers

"My favorite part has been the professors in my department, they are extremely kind and helpful and meeting other students, both international and local."


KNUST, Ghana


"At the end of the year, I have realized that the learning structure here has made me a better person than before, I am more competent in my field of study. I have come to accept the language barrier as a challenge, and I am now exposed to the French world. Junia ISEN has really challenged me, made me tough, taught me a language, encouraged me, and exposed me of my ignorance. I will be willing to take on challenges that life throws at me."


KNUST, Ghana

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Teaching mobility

We also also encourages mobility of its faculty and staff through:

  • Partner university visits
  • Guest teaching and staff training
  • International meeting and conference hosting and participation
  • International research projects
    Faculty and staff mobility are open to Erasmus + partners as well as all partner universities.
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