Job description

Job description

Fiche métier - Junior Automation Engineer

Un groupe d'étudiants qui travaillent ensemble

What is an automatic and electronic engineer?

Automation engineers, also called automatic and electronic engineers, conceive and implement complex automated systems on production lines. They have a main role in the automation of a factory. They work in varied sectors as factory, processes and warehouse automation.


The automation engineer mobilizes technical, organizational and interpersonal skills

  • Technician: designs, develops and tests automated systems; program the new elements added to the systems; solve the problems encoutered.
  • Planner: identifies automation opportunities on the production line.
  • Communicator: manages a team working on production line and trains users; communicates efficiently the systems advances and developements to superiors and can peut justify to the company the importance of the expenses incurred.
étudiant en travaux pratique

Automation engineers are using technology to automate and improve systems

They aim to use technologies to improve, rationalize and automate a manufacturing system. They are planning managers of the system’s implementation and monitoring. Tehy also help companies to identify the automation and production potential.
As Project Managers, they manage, lead and motivate teams, and work in close partnership with all system stakeholders.

The salary

In France, the automation engineer salary varies between 35 000 euros and 45 000 euros per year.

portrait d'étudiant

« The automation engineer identifes the automation potential and manages the automated systems of a production line. »

Becoming an automation engineer at JUNIA

The training leads to a Bac+5 level and lasts 5 year whether it starts after high school or after 2 or 3 years of studies (Bachelor Degree, for example)

Several trainings are available depending on your profile and your ambitions. After high school, opt for a scientific prep. Choose one of our Master Program if you are willing to pursue your studies.

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