News Erasmus+ KA2 AGreenSmart

2 weeks of an intensive program...

About 70 students, 20 teachers and 7 european universities met in Lille for 2 weeks as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 AGreenSmart project.


...starting with a conference.

JUNIA and EuraTechnologies organized a conference on the following topic: « Technologies for the transition – To a more sustainable agriculture and food sector and to cope with climate change ».

The conference has been hold on June 6, 2023 in the afternoon in Willems and presented the AGreenSmart project as well as Euratechnologies and many companies (some start-ups) concerning AgTech and GreenTech projetcs.

Round-table discussions about “What is the future of digital in agriculture and food, in the context of climate change in Europe » and « How the technologies including artificial intelligence influence agriculture and food » were also part of the program.

  • Courses on how to us technologies at the service of transition from teachers coming from Norway, America, Sweden, and many more
  • Group projects on climatic condition impact on soil organic carbon dynamic, climate change impact on crop production, etc.
  • Visit of the Université de Liège AgroBiotech in Belgium
  • Round-table discussions
  • Debates on topics such as “Do smart farming technologies offer an opportunity or an obstacle to an agroecological transition?”, or “Role of livestock in sustainable agriculture”