Tamari Makhviladze, Georgian Technical University visiting staff

Tamari Makhviladze, Assistant at Georgian Technical University, visited ISA Lille under the Staff Mobility in the frame of the Erasmus Plus Development Cooperation between ISA Lille and Georgian Technical University

Who are you? Your name and position.

Tamari Makhviladze, Assistant, Georgian Technical University, Georgia

What is the purpose of your visit at JUNIA?

The aim of the visit was the Erasmus teaching mobility. My lectures were focused on the application of statistics and quality control requirements found in organizational settings with an emphasis on the development and use of control charts, statistical process control (SPC) methodology and Six Sigma methodology.

How was your experience with us/the students?

All staff at JUNIA were very welcoming, helpful and supportive. The students were actively listening to the lecture throughout the lesson. They responded well to a specific task and were engaged in group and individual activities.


a picture of Tamari Makhviladze in our sensory analysis laboratory

Something that you would like to add?

It was exciting to get acquainted with the European educational system by participating directly. JUNIA ISA focuses on creating conditions for students to explore their capabilities and develop the skills needed for learning. The key achievements are caring for the surrounding environment, critical thinking and communication. In addition, understanding the need for cooperation is well thought out.

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