Job decription

Job decription

Fiche métier - Engineering Consultant

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Being a consulting engineer means providing expertise while adopting an advisory posture

The consulting engineer, also known as engineering consultant, intervenes with companies facing a problem and tries to answer it by bringing them its expertise. He proposes a solution by analyzing the situation and the different actors involved. His clients may also call upon him because they feel the need to be accompanied or to improve in a specific area, or when a restructuring is necessary. As an external service provider, he can work as a freelancer or as an employee of a consulting firm.

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In fact, the consulting engineer mobilizes transversal skills, ranging from communication to technical expertise

  • Great interpersonal skills, good comunication, empathy and pedagogy
  • Natural authority and charisma
  • Be a good listener, curious and reactive
  • Good analytical and synthesis skills, and the ability to ask the right questions
  • Autonomy and initiative
  • Rigor and creativity to find adequate solutions
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The missions of the consulting engineers are diverse

  • Analysis of the client’s current situation, his needs and expectations
  • Study of the feasibility and timeliness of the mission
  • Study of the financial and humans needs required for the mission
  • Definition of indicators for the follow-up of the mission
  • Establishment of possible scenarios to respond the the client’s problem
  • Planning and implementation of the chosen scenario
  • Feedback on the mission

Salary requirements, benchmark & salary of the consulting engineer

The salary of a consulting engineer starts around 40 000 euros brut per year. It varies depending on the company’s size and on the benefits offered with the position (bonuses on objectives or profit-sharing, for instance).

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« Consulting engineers are supporting their clients to find the best solution to their issues.. »

Becoming an automation engineer at JUNIA

The training leads to a Bac+5 level and lasts 5 year whether it starts after high school or after 2 or 3 years of studies (Bachelor Degree, for example)

Several trainings are available depending on your profile and your ambitions.

After high school, opt for a scientific prep. Choose one of our Master Program if you are willing to pursue your studies.

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